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Find your zone of genius at your own pace with courses, worksheets, and instruction made especially for businesses ready to scale, but not ready to hire a firm. Plus get access to group coaching led by Novella Brandhouse strategists.

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Brand strategy drives everything - including your business.


A brand strategy is not just a nice-to-have, it's a must-have.

Seriously. We have seen entrepreneurs and start-ups fail because they didn't have a solid brand and marketing strategy. They did not know who their target audience was and their messaging was all over the place. Without a clear strategy, you will chase the wrong customers, spend money on advertising that doesn't make sense and flop on social media. Who can afford to waste time or money? No one! And certainly not you when you are launching or growing a business.

We have worked with hundreds of clients who felt lost and off course. After going through our process and creating a brand strategy, clients successfully launched and scaled their businesses. We get all the feels when we hear clients say “Novella Brandhouse changed the trajectory of my business."

Our branding and marketing courses are made for all you DIY'ers and Bootstrappers...and there's no time like today to get started. If you also want coaching, join us for Faculty Hours. Your get access to 6 group coaching sessions via Zoom with a Novella Brandhouse strategist.


Taught by an industry leader.


Novella CEO + Director of Brand Strategy Elizabeth McFadden leads you through how to brand and market your business in each module - 9 branding modules and 4 marketing lessons. Hear what people have to say about her and how she teaches branding to entrepreneurs and business executives.  Listen to rave reviews.

Kristen and Lisa from Bee Organized 

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Start today and transform your marketing

Brand Strategy

Establishing a brand and working hard to maintain its identity can be a daunting task for small and emerging businesses. Our branding courses will help you with creating a brand strategy, designing how your brand looks, writing your brand narrative, and setting style guidelines to ensure your branding is consistent.


When it comes to creating a marketing strategy, it's not about throwing a bunch of options at the wall and seeing what sticks. Your marketing plan should be created with proven thinking and strategy to help you effectively communicate your message and reach your target audience.


A unique brand identity is essential if a company wants to compete successfully in the marketplace. Your visual identity should reflect your brand personality and the experience you are trying to promote. This is the physical aspect that your customers will recognize across all touchpoints. 


Discovering Your Brand

Guided videos and downloadable worksheets take you through each step of the branding and marketing process. When you complete Novella University - Branding & Marketing Strategy >> Level 1, you will have a complete brand brief which = a brand strategy.


Level 1 comes with 90-day access to our Faculty Hours. This is group coaching via Zoom that happens 2x a month with branding and marketing strategists from Novella Brandhouse. We are here to help you craft your message and/or marketing plan. This is ideal if you want to bounce ideas off a Novella Brandhouse strategist to help you build a solid brand strategy and a marketing plan-of-action. Level 1 includes access to 6 Faculty Hours sessions.

Who are these courses for?

We believe every company needs a strong brand strategy and a marketing plan. If you're not yet ready to work with a firm to develop a customized plan-of-action, then our Novella University courses and Faculty Hours (group coaching) are a great place to start!

We designed these FOR small business owners, solo entrepreneurs and the like, launching a new business or wanting to scale.

We walk you through how to create your own brand strategy and marketing plan. This is a high-level business program set up to grow your business and drive leads. 

The best part is you get the entire course all at one time! Work through the 13 modules at your own pace. Tackle it one day at a time and you could have a brand strategy in less than 2 weeks.

People usually complete the course and develop their initial strategy and plan in 30 days. We give you 90 days to work through the program plus access to 6 virtual group coaching sessions to ask questions and workshop your strategy.

Use it as a resource the next year when you create Year 2 marketing plan.


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