Improve Brand Awareness & Attract the Right Audience

Get a Mini Digital Brand Audit to gain a professional assessment of your brand and what you can do to improve brand awareness and attract the right target audience.

Our branding experts audit your website, social media channels, and blogs to gain insight into the experience consumers have when first interacting with your brand online.

We unveil potential marketing gaps and give you recommendations of what to change or add.

You receive a PDF of the digital brand audit prepared by a Novella Brandhouse Brand Strategist along with a 30-minute consultation. 

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How does the audit work?

The brand audit helps marketing teams find gaps in messaging, positioning, and perceived brand hierarchy. We give you insight into consumers' experience interacting with your brand plus clarification on where you are strong and where you may need improvement. 

Who is this for?

Organizations looking to uncover potential marketing gaps and ways to improve their brand awareness and reach their target audience.

When is the 30-minute consult?

A one-on-one consultation provides a walk-through of the mini brand audit discoveries with clarification and rationale. The mini digital brand audit guarantees a two-week turnaround from the purchase date to consultation giving you quick feedback and little time commitment. 


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